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AirKote® Lining Process

AirKote® Lining Process

What is it?

A patented, fast, clean, and cost effective way to eliminate leaks in the copper pipe water system in your home. Think re-piping without the mess!!

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How long does it take?

The AirKote® process is normally completed within two to three days for an average home.

How does it work?

AirKote® is a patented and proven process to coat the interior of your piping with an NSF 61 approved epoxy. The process includes 6 basic steps:

  1. Water System Map and Scheduling:

We start by performing a detailed map of your piping system to determine the piping system layout and size. We check for active leaks and draw a plan showing all connection points. A lining plan is then drawn up and your project is scheduled. If active leaks are found single line repairs are scheduled.

  1. Equipment Setup and System preparation:

When we arrive on the first day of production, we set up our equipment taking care to ensure that your property is protected from damage and protected as necessary. All valves and angle stops are removed, the piping system is drained and connections prepared to receive lining process.

  1. Drying:

Using compressed air supplied by our specialized compressor and delivered through our manifolds and hoses, we dry and heat your piping system. Once dry, the interior corrosion to the copper piping can be easily cleaned, making ready for the lining process.

  1. Cleaning:

The dried pipe is cleaned by sand blasting. We use a light abrasive measured and introduced into each point by compressed air. All abrasives used are approved for use in your water system and completely non-toxic. The final result of the cleaning process is a system ready to receive the AirKote® epoxy lining process.

  1. AirKote® Pipe Lining:

The internal pipe coating is applied by the compressed air/sand lining process developed by the U.S. Navy Laboratory and refined for residential use in the AirKote® process. Measured amounts of epoxy are injected into each system connection point with the timed and temperature controlled application of compressed air to achieve a uniform interior coating to your water system.

  1. Return to Service:

New valves, angle stops, and supplies are installed as needed and fixtures are reconnected. The water supply is restored and complete system checks are performed. The final result is a water system protected and free from leaks and corrosion for the life of your home.

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