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5 Early Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

5 Early Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

Leaks under the concrete foundation of your home are undeniably aggravating and destructive, and can be incredibly costly if not identified and fixed at the earliest. The key to avoid long-term headaches is timely detection. Thankfully, there are a few key warning signs of a slab leak that can help you identify the problem in order to avoid structural damage to your home.

Slab Leak

  1. High Water Bills
    If all of a sudden you get higher-than-normal water bills, chances are that you may have a concrete slab leak that allows water to run 24/7 instead of only running when you’re actually using water in your home.
  2. Hot Spots on the Floor
    If you easily detect hot spots on your flooring, it’s a crucial sign of hot water slab leak. Also, if your pets start to suddenly lay in a specific spot on cold days, check if the floor there is warmer. However, this hot spot on the floor will only occur if it’s a hot water line that is damaged. Otherwise, you will have to wait for other warning signs of the leak.
  3. Mold or Mildew Under Your Carpets
    Check under your carpet to notice if there’s any mold and mildew growing under it, as chances are that water from a slab leak will be absorbed by your flooring and walls leading to mold growth. However, even if the mold growth is not visible, but you could sense a sudden musty, mildew smell coming from your carpet or walls, check for other warning signs of a slab leak.
  4. You Hear Water Running Sounds
    If you hear sounds of water flow or distant hissing while you’re on the lowest level of your home and no water is turned on in your home, you may be hearing the progression of a slab leak. Initially, you may not get a clear sound or it may not be easy to hear, but every potential leak is worth investigating.
  5. A Decrease in Water Pressure
    If you have a slab leak in your main water line, water is constantly escaping your pipes via the leak that means less water is able to travel to your faucets and water fixtures when you need it. So once you notice a significant drop in water pressure, mark it as a warning sign.

If you see a few of the above mentioned signs of a slab leak and want to get it checked by a professional, give us a call at 866-651-3953 and we will help!

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