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What Causes a Slab Leak and How to Fix it Immediately?

What Causes a Slab Leak and How to Fix it Immediately?

How to fix slab leak

Water leaks below concrete slabs are difficult to detect as they are found deep underground. They can lead to serious consequences which can result in mounting expenses and anxiety for the property owners.

Signs of a Slab Leak: Here are some of the common signs that indicate a slab leak:

  • When you feel a hot spot
  • When running water is heard
  • Water bill is more than usual
  • Unexplained wet spot discovered at your home
  • Discoloration of flooring starts happening

Causes of a Slab Leak: Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons for slab leaks:

Soil Corrosion
The pipes installed underneath the foundation make direct contact with the soil which surrounds your home. Over a period of time, corrosion happens. Corrosion of pipes breaks the surrounding walls which ultimately results in slab leaks.

Gradual Abrasion
It’s very natural and common for pipes to expand and contract as the water passes through your home’s plumbing system. When the pipe is installed too close to an abrasive material such as rebar, concrete and gravel, the natural phenomena of expansion and contraction causes serious abrasion. Over the period of time, gradual abrasion causes slab leaks underneath home’s foundation.

Excessive Pressure
It is very likely that the home’s foundation shifts with time. When this happens, the entire pressure is put on to a plumbing pipe which results in a slab leak. When the pipe becomes damaged, crimped or gets closed due to a shift in the foundation, the plumbing of the house can suffer a major leak.

Health Hazards Caused by Slab Leaks
Slab leaks are very dangerous and should never be ignored. They pose serious health threats as water leakage causes mold, and breathing in such an environment can lead to serious respiratory issues.

How to Fix a Slab Leak: Here are some of the most effective tips to fix a slab leak

  • You have to be sure of the precise location of the slab leak before you contemplate ripping up your concrete slab. Start fixing when the slab leak location is detected; otherwise don’t even attempt to fix the leak as it will cause great harm to your house.
  • Before you begin ripping up your floor, make sure you remove all the furnishings such as furniture, rugs, paintings, electronics and valuables. Once you start ripping, it is very much possible that dust particles will fall on them and the best way to protect your belongings is to remove them. Apart from that, wear gloves, goggles, heavy duty clothes, breathing mask and boots.
  • If you do not have any prior experience in any of the tools used to fix slab leaks or you do not have any exposure at all, it’s better to leave this work to professionals. It would be a good idea to hire a professional plumbing firm with some years of experience as they are more efficient and adept at fixing the slab leaks.
  • Slab leaks can harm you in every possible way. You must detect the area and fix it as soon as possible to avoid any further harm.

    Pipeline Restoration Plumbing Inc. based at Santa Ana, California is a leading name in leak detection and repairs. We have decades of experience in fixing slab leak and our work-force is well-trained. For more information, please call us at (714) 860-4250.

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