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Home Repiping: 6 Signs That Indicate the Pipes Need Replacement

Home Repiping: 6 Signs That Indicate the Pipes Need Replacement

Home Repiping : 6 signs that indicate the pipes need replacement
Are you living in an old home which hasn’t been renovated for many years? If your answer is yes, then you must be facing few plumbing issues as a result of old deteriorated old home piping. Even if you aren’t facing any major issues, yet you must consider home repiping to avoid bigger costs and complications later. Get your home piping checked by a professional plumber and get the issues addressed as early as possible because any delay may lead to poor health, water leakage issues increased stress for you.

If you are unable to figure out when is the time to contact a professional home repiping provider, then keep reading this article.

Here we discuss below 6 major signs that indicate home repiping:

  1. Yellow or light brown sediment in water:
    Fill a bucket with the water and let the water get still and settle. Now see and observe if there are yellow or light brown sediments deposited at the bottom of the bucket. If they are there, it’s a clear indication of rusted and corroded pipes that should be replaced soon as this water can cause health hazards for you and your family. Also note that if you notice sediments only with your hot water system and not with entire water supply, and then get your hot water system checked by the professional plumbers.

  3. Leakage in pipe:
    More than often, small leakages in our homes are easily fixed through welding and we ignore it as a petty issue. But if the leakage issues are frequent and every now and then some or the other corner of your home has water leaking, then it’s time to call a plumber to check the entire piping system to perform home repiping. Multiple leaks shouldn’t be ignored at all; else it may lead to complicated flooding issue very soon.

    Get the old pipes replaced with new one by hiring services of professional pipe restoration providers and get the best solution for home repiping.


  5. Wall stains and dimpling:
    If the walls of your homes have discolored, or have dimpling and flaking stains, then this is another indication of old, worn out and corroded pipes.

  7. Dampening on the either sides of bathroom or of kitchen:
    The old, corroded and worn out piping leads to gradual wall dampening that causes wet patches on the walls and even growth of fungus in the home. It’s leads to a smelly home and is also hazardous to health. If not treated in time, it can further damage the entire home.Many a times, the weather, climate and moisture are blamed for damp walls. But if it’s an old home, call your plumber once to ensure the real cause behind the wall dampening. And if it’s the old piping system, then get the water pipes replaced through home repiping at the earliest to avoid huge expenses as well as further damages.

  9. It’s an old home with lead pipes:
    If your home is too old that it’s still have the lead piping, then it’s a major indication that home repiping needs to be performed very soon.It’s a very hazardous material which was used for home piping before the world war era. The lead may leach into the water that can be very fatal to health. Therefore, if there is lead piping in home, it should be replaced without any delay, even if there are no leakage or plumbing issues.

  11. Reduced water pressure and noisy plumbing:
    With time, the pipes corrode and sediments are deposited in the piping system which lowers down the pressure in water supply and the water flow becomes slower.Similarly the flow also becomes noisy due to the restriction in the flow. So, if you notice such changes, you must call your plumber to check if it’s time to initiate home repiping.

If you notice any of these 6 troubling signs in your home, you shouldn’t wait any longer and get the help from home repiping professionals and pipeline restoration services provider. 

Here are few tips that must help you during home repiping:

    1. Choosing the material:
      There are two great options available for home repiping- Copper and PEX pipes


Copper home repiping:


      • Long lasting
      • Good for health
      • Bacteria resistant
      • Recyclable material



      • Comparatively costlier
      • Prone to pinhole leaks


PEX home repiping:


      • Easier to install
      • Comparatively cheaper
      • Best for extreme as well as moderate climate
      • Flexible
      • Not likely to develop pinhole leaks



      • PEX piping can’t be exposed to UV lighting; therefore, it can’t be used for residential piping in areas like garden or backyard.
      • It’s plastic: Plastic is not considered good for health.


  1. Choosing the right time:
    If you have planned for home renovation or to repaint the home, then it’s the best time to start the home repiping with the help of professional piping repair and restoration services providers. However, sometimes the leakage or plumbing issues are so big that they need urgent attention for replacement; in such cases you shouldn’t wait for planned timing rather prepone your renovation or repainting plans. It will save your time as well as costs.


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