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PEX vs Copper Piping: Is PEX Pipes Better than Copper Pipes?

PEX vs Copper Piping: Is PEX Pipes Better than Copper Pipes?

PEX vs Copper Piping

There is a good possibility that being a nun-plumber, you might not be aware of the better plumbing pipe among PEX and copper. You may not even understand what a PEX pipe is. Don’t worry because not many of us do. But it’s time you should improve your basic knowledge about plumbing pipes and appropriately decide on the most suitable option for yourself. After understanding the basics, you’ll also feel more at ease to find a plumber to get help with your piping requirements.

PEX is a cross-linked synthetic pipe that goes through several treatments to make the material durable for sustaining extremes of temperatures. Due to all of this, combined with its flexibility, PEX is regarded as a superior piping material for hot and cold water systems. Copper piping has been in use for decades and is quite durable and flexible. It allows a bio-static atmosphere, which controls the growth of bacteria inside it, a factor worth considering for your health.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both PEX piping vs copper piping to help you make up your mind.

Advantages of PEX:

  • Flexible and comfortable plumbing system.
  • Useful in case of hot and cold water.
  • Effective with metal and PVC piping.
  • Faster to install due to less of fitting requirements and with negligible chances of leakage.
  • It’s burst-resistant because of its flexibility.
  • Easily repairable due to the presence of shutoff valve at each supply line.
  • PEX can have a pressure balanced system.
  • Coupling or fitting may not be required in case of PEX piping as they can be bent easily at all the corners.

Disadvantages of PEX:

  • Susceptible to damage by chlorinated water.
  • Non-recyclable because of its short life.
  • It has an impervious membrane that may cause water contamination.
  • The pipes are prone to damage due to prolonged outdoor use.


Advantages of Copper

  • It’s easy to install due to its flexibility and durability.
  • Risk-free in natural disasters.
  • Weather and bacteria-resistant.
  • Highly resistant to chlorine than other metals.
  • Can be used outdoors because it is not affected by UV-rays.
  • Copper resists burning and so, does not release toxic gases.
  • Does not permit bacterial growth (Bio-static).
  • It is recyclable and environment-friendly.

Disadvantages of Copper Piping

  • Is a corrosive metal.
  • Is Expensive.
  • Can leave behind a metallic taste in water due to its corrosion.
  • Copper pipes can break in cold water due to freezing.

Generally, both PEX and copper systems are likely to last between 20-50 years under optimal conditions.

Since water quality is regarded as the most crucial aspect for selecting between PEX vs copper, you should narrow down your option based on the type of piping that will effectively last under given water conditions. This will both defend your plumbing system from initial failure, preventing costly repairs and will cause the least impact to the environment.

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