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The Most Practical Tips to Avoid Plumbing Nightmare

The Most Practical Tips to Avoid Plumbing Nightmare

Plumbing Nightmare

Our plumbing system’s designs are so complex that they need proper care taking from time-to-time. A dripping faucet, leaky pipe, broken water line, clogging sink, etc. may initially seem an insignificant problem to you, but they’ll surely serve you the grave consequences as a result of your ignorance. In fact, they can become your most horrible plumbing nightmare.

By taking simple precautionary measures before, while, and after using our showers, drains, pipes, toilets, etc., we can minimize both, our mental and money drain.

Here’s a list of the most practical tips that can save you from your plumbing nightmare:

  1. Keep Solid Materials Away from the Sink: Solid food particles, your hair strand, and other debris that you accidentally pour into the sink gradually get clogged at the joints of your pipes. A frequent delivery can completely block the waste water from draining into the sewerage. Same goes with grease which sticks to the surface of the pipe and gradually makes it narrower in diameter.
  2. Try Not to Use Flushable Wipes: This is advisable especially for homes with older sewer systems. Cotton cleansing clothes that you flush after use can clog your septic tank. Pipes in older sewer systems are already so fragile and narrowed in width that it may become difficult for them to handle the flushable wipes. Similarly, never ever flush down the paper towels and facial tissues even if you have a new sewer system installed.
  3. Upgrade Your Hoses and Fixtures: Home owners should consider replacing rubber hoses with metallic ones, made of copper and stainless steel. This way, you can successfully avoid the consequences of trapped moisture and leaking water in your wooden ceilings. It also applies to other plumbing fixtures such as waterline raisers, valves, and pipes. Metallic hoses and fixtures can withstand the extreme weather condition and can last for up to 10-15 years.
  4. Regularly Check on Your Water Heater: You’ll need to avoid the hot water from draining or spilling on to the floor. For that, keep regular checks on your water heating system. Lower the setting of the temperature to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this will prevent the apparatus from overheating which will save the apparatus from wearing out.
  5. Get the Expert’s Help Right Away: You shouldn’t and you couldn’t fix everything on your own. So, when you find any leak or clogging and your gut feeling is telling you that you cannot easily solve it on your own, contact a professional plumber right away. It will save you from extra expenses that you may incur by damages after throwing your hands into the fire.

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