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Vacation Plumbing Checklist: Plumbing To-Do’s Before You Leave for Vacation

Vacation Plumbing Checklist: Plumbing To-Do’s Before You Leave for Vacation

Making your home ready before a vacation can save you potential headaches and money. What you prepare might be influenced by how long you will be away and to what extent you want your utilities to be to secure. Here is a checklist of items to consider before you are scheduled to leave your home for long vacations:

Plumbing checklist

Switch off the main water supply valve

If a pipe or component of a utility source leaks or bursts while you’re absent and the primary valve is open, water will keep on running or spewing. Therefore, before leaving for vacation, it is advised that you turn the main valve off to prevent water from running. Other reasons people prefer to shut the main water valve during their absence is because it stops any kind of water theft, saves cost and conserves water.

Examine Leaks to Conserve and Save

Reviewing for leaks and working proactively can aid in saving both expenses and water. Examine all the plugs in sinks, bathrooms and outdoor facets to ensure they are firmly closed and not leaking or oozing out water. Feel at the bottom of faucets and taps and the pipes below them, especially at joints. If your examination exposes any drips, leaks or stains, get them reviewed before leaving.

Vacate Your Garbage Disposal and Drains

Departing from a fresh home only to arrive at a smelly home can be uninviting and inconvenient. So before leaving on an extended vacation, it’s advisable to flip your garbage disposal switch to make sure there are no food particles around the base of the unit.

As an additional precaution, you can conveniently clean your garbage removal by introducing baking soda and vinegar to the drain, then proceeding with citrus peels to have the disposal smelling fresh.

Adjust Temperature Settings

Your water does not need to be heated while you are away from home. If you do not have a house-sitter for your home supervision in your absence, modify your water heater settings to “vacation” or turn it off completely. Although this may not count directly as a plumbing issue, it will impact your utility cost.

Similarly, if you own a home-spa, maintain a suitable thermostat on that as well during your vacation. Please make sure you DO NOT switch off the water pump for your pool/spa because it can lead to quick algae growth.

Provide Emergency Contact Numbers

If you have appointed a friend, family member, or acquaintances to stop by and oversee your house in your absence, make sure you offer them with a compiled list of emergency contact number, and that includes your plumber!

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

When you’re going away for a long seasonal vacation, it’s a perfect time to schedule a house inspection by a good plumber, a few weeks ahead of your departure. If any issues are detected, you need time to resolve them before your exit.

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