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Re-piping (PEX Repipe)

For more than 30 years customers in Orange County have been trusting the owners of Pipeline Restoration Plumbing, Inc for their building and plumbing needs. With our extensive experience, and thousands of completed projects, we are the right team to repipe your home.


PEX or Copper…Which is better??

Copper piping

Historically copper piping has been considered the gold standard for plumbing our homes and until 2009 was almost exclusively utilized in residential construction here in So Cal. The problem with copper piping is that with the current water composition in our area the onset of internal corrosion is now immediate and we see failure of American made type L copper pipe systems in less than five to seven years. This failure due to internal pitting corrosion is the cause of our common slab leak and pinhole leak problems today.

Water Composition

With today’s water composition and the rapid corrosion of residential copper pipe water systems we recommend repiping with PEX. PEX is a cross linked polyethylene tubing and is accepted in the California Building Code. PEX has been in use outside of California for over 30 years and the tubing has a great track record. We utilize Uponor AquaPEX exclusively as the PEX product in our repiping because the warranty is the strongest in the industry.

We are asked on occasion about rats eating PEX piping…we can honestly say that we have never seen a rat eat PEX but we see water eat copper pipes every day!

An Uponor AquaPex water system will cost less and last longer than a new copper system and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Repiping can be considered an inconvenient remodel and can be an involved and messy process. We will need to create openings in the walls and ceilings of your home so that your new piping can be installed. Although a messy job you can be assured that our professional repiping teams will work to complete you project as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Furniture Cover

We will cover furniture and flooring to protect your belongings and remove all trash on a regular basis. When completed with the piping installation our drywall teams will patch all openings and texture, ready for painting.

When we are completed you can rest easy knowing that you will be without any further leaks from your homes water system for the life of your home.

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